Why Some Backlinking Tactics Can Harm Your Health Facility Website’s Rankings

Why Some Backlinking Tactics Can Harm Your Health Facility Website’s Rankings

The work of trying to rank websites, including those of health facilities, is something which many people regard as a game, where the objective is to outsmart Google in order to achieve better search engine rankings. What SEO agency professionals at seoperthexperts.com.au would advise you is that by all means look upon SEO as a game, but you must play within the rules.

The reason they say that is Google is fully aware of the sorts of tactics used to try to cheat and gain rankings falsely. Further, Google can detect these and as such the websites in question soon get pushed down the rankings, or in the worst cases, removed from the search engines listing altogether.

One area of SEO that is especially popular with ranking cheats is backlinks. When done correctly these can be a powerful weapon in your ranking armoury, but if you try any of the underhand methods of creating a backlink profile, you are putting your entire online presence at risk.

What we are going to do is highlight some of the ways you should never use to create backlinks to your website. We do so, not because we believe you would do such a thing, but so that if anyone you approach to do SEO for you suggests any of them, you know 1) Not to approve their use, and 2) So that you can reconsider whether this person has your genuine best interest at heart…if they did they would not be suggesting these undesirable backlinking methods.

Worthless Forums

There are lots of excellent forums you could link from so do not allow any backlinks to be set up from spammy forums. These forums serve no purpose other than for people to link from, the content is irrelevant or spammy, and there is no one visiting them, all of which Google can detect.

Article Directories

Although much of the content on article directories is acceptable, Google took the decision many years ago that they were downgrading any links that came from them, and as such, they serve very little value. By all means, use an article directory to get ideas for content but do not use them for backlinking.

Hiding Links

This is done by hiding links in the text and punctuation within any content, so that those visiting, including Google’s spiders, do not see them. This gets us closer to actions that Google will heavily penalise you for so hiding links could see your website delisted.

Paying For Backlinks

We will focus on this because it can be done in a number of ways, all of which will either see these backlinks ignored by Google at best, and ultimately, in the worst cases, Google will remove your website completely from their results.

Paid backlinks can be done simply by paying a specific website to include them on their website. Strictly speaking it could be considered a legitimate business transaction, after all, if someone has a large, authoritative website it is one way of them monetising it. The problem is that as more and more paid links are added, the power they give your SEO and ranking diminishes to the point of having no value at all.

Worse than this is simply paying someone, on Fiverr for example, to go out and create backlinks. They often advertise hundreds of links for $5, which means the links are being added on spammy sites that have no authority and do not boost rankings whatsoever.

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