The Undisputable Links Between Financial Health And Mental Health

The Undisputable Links Between Financial Health And Mental Health

Two professionals that you would not immediately associate with each other are financial advisors and psychologists, however, strange as it may seem they can both play a part in resolving several issues for their clients and patients. What we are talking about are the links that exist between a person’s financial health and their mental health.

There is undeniable evidence, backed up with clinical studies, which show a correlation between a person’s finances and their mental health. It has been shown that a person’s financial well-being influences their mental health, and conversely, a person mental health, or lack thereof, can have consequences for their financial situation. Let us look at some of the specific ways these manifest themselves.

How Mental Health Impacts Financial Health

A person in any of the following situations will benefit in the first instance from seeking medical help from a psychologist, psychiatrist or even Telehealth psychology therapy. At the same time, it would do them no harm to speak to financial advisors who might not be in a position adoption to fix their mental health, but they may be able to reverse some of the financial damage that has been caused.

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