Dangers of Cocaine

Knowing the Real Dangers of Cocaine

Illegal drugs can ruin a life in multiple ways. Imagine being addicted to a drug to the extent that you are willing to do anything to get more, even if it means breaking the law. Not to mention that it has a number of serious health risks that can ultimately lead to death. One of the most dangerous drugs is cocaine. About 19% of drug users take cocaine, making it the second most used drug next to marijuana. What makes things worse is that the number of cocaine users is increasing. As a result, governments are doing their best to fight drugs by creating stricter policies while there are more drug rehabs like Bali Health Services appearing as well to help addiction.

Getting to Know Cocaine

Cocaine is an illegal stimulant that speeds up the transmission of messages between the brain and different parts of the body. It heightens your senses in an abnormal way and makes you feel extremely energetic. It is a very powerful drug that can seriously damage your health and well-being. It comes from the leaves of coca bush, a plant native in South America. It is then extracted to produce three different kinds of cocaine, namely:

  1. Cocaine Hydrochloride

It is a white crystalline powder that has a bitter taste and numbing effect. This is commonly mixed with other substances like glucose and lactose.

  1. Freebase

This is a purer version of cocaine hydrochloride. It features a white chalky powder that is finer than other types.

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