Mindfulness is an Effective Tool for Combating Anxiety

The words ‘try not to worry’ are probably the least helpful thing people can say to those of us who have anxiety issues. The reality is our minds just automatically latch on to things to obsess about, and it can feel like there is no real choice involved. This is why mindfulness is such a wonderful practice – it is not about trying to stop these thoughts but learning how to manage them.

What is Mindfulness?

Most magazine and web articles about mindfulness will come with a picture of somebody sitting in the lotus position with a serene smile on their face – they will usually be on beautiful tropical beach somewhere. This depiction of the practice can lead to all types of misunderstandings about what it actually involves.

Mindfulness is a perfectly natural way to be – it is the way you experience the world as a young child. It just means that you are fully focused on the present moment without judgement. If of thoughts of the past and future start to arise, you just acknowledge this and bring your attention back to the present moment.

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