How to Self-Care After Liposuction

Liposuction surgery is a procedure that needs care afterwards, but the amount of care needed is dependent upon how far-reaching the procedure was. If only a tiny fat bump was treated you’ll find that there is not much pain or swelling and the area will heal quickly. If you’ve had a large area treated the care needed will be far more comprehensive.

If the doctor is going to remove a great deal of fat, a lot of fluid and blood may be lost at the same time. To treat this, the doctor may request that you donate blood so that he or she can use it to replace what was lost. You may also need to be on a drip to restore fluids.  This will all be done before you are allowed to leave the clinic.

Expect to experience things such as numbness, bruising and swelling right after the operation. It is important to get up and walk around as soon as the doctor okays this, as it will prevent other possible problems such as blood clots that can happen after any kind of surgery.  The doctor may have inserted a small drainage tube to prevent the build-up of fluid in the area. He or she will advise you on where and when to remove it. You may have to return to the clinic to have it done.

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