Fitness for People with Disabled

Fitness Ideas for People with a Disability

There are many ways a person with a disability can get fit, but what they can do depends on the level of disability and where it affects them. Here are some ideas to get fit for a wide variety of disability levels.

Swimming – people with only one limb can actually swim, as amazing as that seems, so swimming will suit many disabled people. It is an ideal way for them to get fit and train their bodies to make the best out of their remaining muscles. It also trains the heart and lungs to get fit.

Aqua-aerobics is also a good way to get fitter if swimming is not your thing. The water helps to support you and exercises can be done without putting too much pressure on painful areas.

Aerobics is another form of exercise that can contribute much to the cardiovascular system, help with weight loss and generally help to maintain fitness levels. It is important to make sure you breathe deeply during exercises as this helps to improve the capacity of your lungs.

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