5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Rehab Aftercare

Even if you highly motivated during your stay in rehab, you can still end up failing in your attempt at sobriety if you have insufficient aftercare. The transition from the protected environment of this type of facility to the real world can be bumpy unless you are prepared for it. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid with aftercare planning so your move home goes smoothly.

1. Planning Your Aftercare at the Last Minute

There is not much point in just learning to be sober in drug rehab because you will soon be back in the real world. This is why everything you do needs to be preparing you for when you go home. Aftercare planning needs to begin from day one because if you leave it too late, you won’t be ready for the transition.

2. Creating an Aftercare Plan that is Unbalanced

A good aftercare plan is going to cover the different aspects of your life including physical health, mental wellness, and spiritual needs. If you focus too much on one area, it may mean your sobriety is unbalanced and therefore not as strong as it could be.

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