How To Decide Whether To Extract Or To Save Your Tooth

How To Decide Whether To Extract Or To Save Your Tooth

Although a dentist might regard removing a tooth as something that is part of their profession, they are also aware that the removal of a tooth can cause several issues for an individual patient. This can range from the patient feeling scared about the actual procedure, to being traumatised at the thought of having a gap in their teeth and how that impacts their appearance.

Now, you might think that last point is a bit extreme but believe us when we say that for many patients who have had teeth pulled, the next professional they see after their dentist is a therapist to try to get them over the psychological and emotional ordeal of having the perfect smile they had previously.

Making the decision to have a tooth removed is one that you will make with your dentist. They will give an explanation of the issue and what the options are if there are any. There are several positive reasons why saving the tooth is desirable if it can be done. These include the following:

Avoids Other Teeth Moving: Whenever you have a tooth removed, it obviously leaves a gap, and the adjacent teeth have a tendency to move towards that gap. This could cause misaligned teeth which can also lead to issues with your chewing action.

Your Natural Teeth Are The Strongest: Even the best artificial teeth are no match for the strength of your natural teeth, which are also easier to care for than some artificial options which need replacing often.

Lower Pain Levels: If, instead of pulling the tooth, another treatment is undertaken, such as root canal, then the levels of pain you are likely to suffer will be lower. A pulled tooth can lead to several days of pain thereafter, and pain levels are even higher if more than one tooth was removed.

Your Appearance Is Unaffected: Obviously, with your tooth or teeth still in place, your smile is unaffected, and thus your appearance remains as it was. Gaps in teeth can have many effects on how you look, including making you appear older.

Your Confidence Is Undiminished: With your original teeth intact and in place, you keep your original happy smile, and therefore you are not likely to suffer any psychological issues such as a lack of confidence.

Fewer Dental Visits: Once a tooth has been removed, you are likely going to want to discuss with your dentist what options you have with regards to filling the gap. Whatever option you choose, it will mean further visits to the dentist, and for some tooth replacements, such as a dental implant, this can require multiple visits over several months.

No Replacement Costs: Whether you choose the simplest option such as dentures, or the most durable, which is dental implants, you are going to need to spend money in order to have some form of tooth replacement. In the case of dental implants this can run to tens of thousands of dollars, so pulling that tooth could have large financial consequences.

Despite all the positive reasons above for saving your tooth, there will be circumstances when there is not really any choice but to extract it. If your tooth is cracked, especially if the crack is in multiple places or beneath your gumline, then it is unlikely it can be saved. It will also have to be pulled if it is damaged or decayed beyond repair, or if even the use of root canal treatment is not going to save it.

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