7 Tips For Ensuring You Have A Safe And Trouble-Free Holiday In Bali

7 Tips For Ensuring You Have A Safe And Trouble-Free Holiday In Bali

Anyone who is travelling to another country for the first time will inevitably ponder whether it is a safe place to visit and also muse upon how they can ensure their trip is trouble-free. These questions are as valid for a trip to Bali as they are for any other country in the world. The simple fact is no matter what country you are travelling to there will be those who target tourists, but please bear in mind, the instances of tourists being the victim of crime are extremely rare.

As for Bali, if you read most testimonials and reviews from holidaymakers and those who visit, you will see plenty of comments about how safe they felt and how friendly and helpful the locals were, which we hope reassures you. In addition, there are several steps you can take to reduce any risks and to increase your preparedness for unfortunate eventualities.

We have listed 7 of them, but for more tips and tricks for your next trip to Bali, check out Luxury Villas Bali‘s blog!

Have Your Vaccinations Prior To Travelling: With Bali having more than its fair share of rabies and typhoid cases, you should ensure you visit you doctor for the appropriate vaccinations before travelling there. You should also check out the latest health advice for travelling to Bali and discuss this with your doctor if you have any concerns, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Take Out Travel Insurance: Whilst travel insurance cannot prevent problems from occurring, they can mitigate the effects of them and ensure that, even in the worst situations you will have help. This can be medical care, flights home and lost or stolen money replaced.

Upload Copies Of Your Documents To Cloud Storage: One of the most common problems tourists often have to deal with is lost or stolen documents, especially passports, flight tickets and visas. Before travelling you should scan and upload all your important documents to a cloud storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. This way you can access copies them to check reference numbers, for example, and as proof that they existed.

Have More Than One Way To Access Cash: Another common disaster on holiday is having a lost or stolen bank card. This can be a particular issue in Bali given that many of the vendors deal in cash only. Rather than having all your money inaccessible, split it into two or more accounts, each with a different debit card, and keep each of those cards separate at all times, so that if one card goes AWOL, you have the other card to allow you to access cash.

Keep An Eye On Your Drinks: Although not widespread, there have been instances of tourists having their drinks spiked. At best this can give you an upset stomach, but at its worst it can leave you extremely vulnerable, especially if you pass out. Never leave your drinks unattended, and where possible stick to drinking in bars and venues which you know have reputations for being safe.

Keep Your Valuable In Your Hotel Safe, And Close To You When You Are Out And About: If your hotel has a safe in your room, or security boxes behind their reception area then you should make use of them, even if there is small fee to pay.  As well as any cash , you should lock your important documents in these. When you leave your accommodation, never let your belongings out of your sight and keep them close to you at all times.

Check Out The Smartraveller Website: Smartraveller is website set up by the Australian government with help and advice for anyone travelling abroad form Australia. This includes specific health and safety information about Indonesia, which is the country Bali is a part of.

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