Straighten Your Hair

How to Straighten Your Hair Naturally

Straightening your hair is something that you either use electric straightening irons for or chemicals at the salon. However, with a movement toward less damaging natural hair care, more and more people are beginning to look for natural hair straightening methods that have less impact. Before you reach for any appliances or chemicals, why not straighten your hair naturally? Learn how to do it below.

Wet Brushing

If you wash your hair at night time, then you are bound to have plenty of time to try out natural hair care techniques. One of them is wet brushing. After you wash your hair, allow it to dry on its own as opposed to using a hairdryer. However, while it’s drying, brush it every five minutes, pulling it apart into sections so that it dries straight. While it may be faster and easier to use a wet-to-dry hair straightener, or with a hair dryer, it’s far better for your hair to try this more natural hair care regime.

Hair Rolling

This technique may be reminiscent of natural hair care methods from many years ago, but it’s clear to see it existed for a reason: it worked. Buy rollers that are around the same diameter as a beer or cola can, rolling your hair tightly up into them. Once they are entirely dry, with no moisture at all, let your hair out of them. If your hair is not entirely dry, then there will be a slight wave to your hair.

Tight Wrapping

Tight wrapping is an excellent natural hair care technique for straightening, even if it looks a little silly! Part your hair down the middle, moving the left side to the right, and the right to the left. Wrap each side around the back of your head, securing it in place with clips and bobby pins. Let it fall free when it is entirely dry.

Tight Bun

If your hair isn’t entirely unruly, to begin with, and you only want to save a little time, then try putting your damp hair into a ponytail then a bun. Tie it up tight, twist the ponytail around into a bun, then secure it with a hair tie. Once it’s entirely dry, brush it out, and it will be straight.

Natural hair care techniques are all about protecting your hair from unnecessary damage and the use of chemicals as well. Not every product that’s effective for hair straightening is going to be entirely safe for your hair or skin, so why not get back to nature? Try these drying tips above, and you may find they’re quicker and more effective than other more damaging methods you have used in the past.

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