Should I Put Pressure on a Loved One to Get Addiction Treatment?

It is incredibly difficult to stand by and watch somebody you love destroy his/her life with alcohol or drugs. It is easy to succumb to hopelessness in this situation – especially if this person has made multiple attempts to quit but failed. One of the most common questions people have in this situation is whether or not they should put pressure on their loved one to get addiction treatment. This is a tricky question to answer because it depends on the situation.

Is Putting Pressure on Somebody to Go to Rehab a Waste of Time?

You have probably heard the claim that a person needs to be ‘ready’ for addiction treatment in order for it to work. This idea makes a lot of sense, but it is not necessarily true in all cases. There are plenty of examples of people who felt pressurised into going to drug rehab, yet they still ended up achieving permanent sobriety. Of course, there are also people who felt pushed into going to rehab who remained resistant and didn’t benefit much from the experience.

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