Mindfulness is an Effective Tool for Combating Anxiety

The words ‘try not to worry’ are probably the least helpful thing people can say to those of us who have anxiety issues. The reality is our minds just automatically latch on to things to obsess about, and it can feel like there is no real choice involved. This is why mindfulness is such a wonderful practice – it is not about trying to stop these thoughts but learning how to manage them.

What is Mindfulness?

Most magazine and web articles about mindfulness will come with a picture of somebody sitting in the lotus position with a serene smile on their face – they will usually be on beautiful tropical beach somewhere. This depiction of the practice can lead to all types of misunderstandings about what it actually involves.

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Benefits of Dentures

The Benefits of Getting Dentures

When you have some or a lot of missing teeth, most dentists will advise you that dentures are usually the answer as they cost much less – at least initially, than procedures such as dental implants. Most people get them so they can chew their food,  or for aesthetic reasons as a dark gap in the line of teeth looks unsightly. However, there are other benefits that most people don’t even think about.

  • They help to maintain the shape of your lower face. Without them your cheeks sink in and give a gaunt look to your face.
  • They reduce pressure on your remaining teeth – and the crowns or fillings that may be on those teeth.
  • Having dentures reduces the likelihood of having problems with your jaw.
  • They also prevent the teeth that are left from moving and changing your bite, which can cause pain as it puts pressure on places that are not meant to withstand it.
  • When there is a gap between teeth, those that are next to the gap tend to move into it to try and fill it up. This makes them crooked and more liable to decay, since they are then more difficult to keep clean.
  • You can speak more clearly when you have a mouthful of teeth.
  • Last but not least, you can chew food better when you have all the teeth in place. This can help your digestion and so, your health.

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