What to Expect During Laser Eye Surgery

What to Expect During Laser Eye Surgery

When undergoing any surgical procedure, it’s only natural to want to know more about it. Laser eye surgery is no different. 

As straightforward as laser eye surgery is, the more information you have, the less stressed about the unknown you can likely be. The experts at Insight Eye Clinic have provided information so you can learn more about what to expect from laser eye surgery.

Preparing for Laser Eye Surgery

You are not expected to know what to do before surgery. Your eye surgeon will likely fill you in on how to prepare so you can be in the best position possible for a convenient and comfortable surgical experience.

Contact wearers are advised to refrain from wearing them before the surgery for a certain number of days. Your eye specialist will advise on the timeframe so that you can plan around it. It’s also recommended that you don’t wear makeup for at least one day before surgery and refrain from drinking and smoking on the day of your surgery.

Anything containing heavy fragrances, such as cologne, perfume, lotion, and even fabric softener, is also discouraged, as is clothing that generates lint such as wool and fleece. 

For your comfort and the comfort of other patients, you may also like to arrange childcare due to the length of time laser eye surgery may take. 

What to Expect After Laser Eye Surgery

Immediately after the procedure, you may notice light sensitivity and irritation. In most cases, this discomfort dissipates after 24 hours. However, even if your eyes feel okay, refrain from driving for at least 24 hours and long-distance driving for at least 3-7 days. You may see the value in taking the day off work following your surgery. 

A follow-up appointment is usually booked for the next day, and you may require additional follow-up appointments in the weeks and the month following. 

Your eye specialist may also provide you with sunglasses to protect your eyes immediately after surgery, along with special eye drops and a regimen to follow. 

If you experience eye dryness after your surgery, this is a common symptom. Sometimes, it can last for a few weeks, but some notice it a few months after treatment. If you’re concerned about eye dryness, talk to your eye specialist about comfort plugs. 

How to Manage Post-Operative Care

Surprisingly, your post-operative care is equally as crucial as laser eye surgery itself. Follow your eye specialist’s recommendations to the letter, including the attendance of post-operative appointments. 

LASIK surgery comes with at least three or more follow-up appointments, while PRK procedures can require upwards of four. Your eye specialist will advise you of these appointments before or after your surgery. 

They may also advise you of the things you can and can’t do immediately after the surgery and in the days after. For example, on the day of your surgery, avoid rubbing your eyes, watching TV, showering, driving, and alcohol.

The day after, you may shower and undertake low-maintenance activities, but keep your eyes well-lubricated at all times, especially while watching TV or working at a computer. With each day, you will be able to do more and more while keeping in mind the need for constant eye lubrication.

There is a lot of information to take in in the days leading up to and after laser eye surgery. As daunting as this information may be, your eye specialist can alleviate any concerns you may have. As a result, you’ll likely be fighting fit in no time. 

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