Waist Training

Is Waist Training Permanent?

If you have begun to look at waist training as a permanent solution for changing your body’s shape, then today’s modern waist trainer will disappoint. Contrary to popular belief, waist trainers are not designed to provide that petite hourglass figure of the 1860s. Instead, they work to accentuate your curves, flatten your stomach, give back support, and help you to sweat during a workout.

Many people ask if waist training is permanent, and the answer is no. Waist trainers should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise to get the shape and weight loss you desire, but it’s not a permanent fix. As in, you can’t put it on, wear it for a few weeks, then keep the shape you gain forever.

When you stop wearing your waist trainer, your body works its way back into its regular shape – minus the pounds you shed during healthy eating and with exercise. For overweight people, waist training can be very beneficial but, once again, waist training isn’t permanent. It can improve the mobility and flexibility of someone with a larger frame, all the while supporting your core muscles. What’s more, as it’s tighter, you can eat less before feeling full, helping with weight loss when it’s necessary as well.

When you stop wearing your waist trainer, stop eating healthily, then stop exercising, you will not retain the shape you gained through this collective use of these methods.

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