5 Addiction Recovery Approaches that Just Don’t Work

It is clear that there are many different paths to addiction recovery but some approaches are less likely to work than others. The motivation to escape substance abuse is a precious commodity, and it would be a real shame if you wasted this determination on a path not capable of taking you to where you want to go. Here are approaches to addiction recovery we suggest you avoid.

Going it Alone

It is true that some people manage to break free of a substance abuse problem without much help from a drug rehab, but this approach does not work for everyone. If you have already tried to stop on your own, and it hasn’t worked, the chances are it won’t work in the future either – usually, if you keep on doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results.

The White Knuckle Approach

The white knuckle approach is where you stay away from alcohol or drugs using willpower alone. This can be similar to going on a crash diet – you may feel highly motivated in the beginning, but using willpower requires energy, and the likelihood is that eventually you will run out of steam. Staying sober using the white knuckle approach usually means treating recovery like you are serving a prison sentence – it’s just not much fun.

Conditional Recovery

Conditional recovery is where you agree to give up alcohol or drugs on the condition that certain things happen. For example, you only agree to go to rehab in the hope of getting your ex back. The problem with putting such conditions on your recovery is that generally produce a solid sobriety. If your conditions are not met, you may use this as an excuse to relapse – if your conditions are met, you will no longer have a reason to stay sober. The other problem with conditional recovery is that you have no control over other people, and this is why you need to get sober for you.

Temporary Recovery

Quitting alcohol or drugs for a few weeks or months may lead to some temporary improvements, but you will be back to square one as soon as you relapse. The other problem is that by viewing this new life as temporary, you are unlikely to put enough effort into it.

Exclusively Physical Recovery

Giving up alcohol or drugs is just the first step in recovery, you also need to deal with the issues that drove you into addiction in the first place or you could continue to struggle in life. If you settle for just physical recovery, you will be losing out.

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