Ways to Get Fit

10 Fun Ways to Get Fit

We all know it is much healthier to be fit, but for couch potatoes or people who live a really busy life, getting fit is often the last thing they think of or want to do. By the time they get home from work and see to the children and housework, there is little time and energy left to even think about a work-out. However, if you think up ways to make exercising fun, it is far more likely that you’ll find those extra minutes in the day to do some.

Getting fit has major health benefits, helps us lose weight and feel good about ourselves. What more could you ask for? Here are some fun ways to get fit and all without going to the gym, which takes up even more time –

  • Gather up a few friends and create a workout time in the park. Learning to do basic manoeuvres such as lunges, high knees, sit-ups, triceps dips off the park bench and jumping jacks.
  • Go for a power walk with the dog or the kids. It will get it, them and you out of the house and away from the demands of those electronic games. Walk the kids to school, walk to the shops if you only want to purchase something light, or walk around town when you are shopping.
  • Join a sporting group and play your choice of sports. Making time for this may take some juggling if you are busy, but it will be much more fun than walking a treadmill on your own. Consider doing night sports so your ‘other half’ can babysit if you have kids.
  • Explore your city. There are many fun and scenic places that very often only the tourists visit while those who live there never bother to check out. Put on your walking shoes and take some time to find out the best locations to visit. They may be scenic or historic places of interest.
  • Cycling is also a fun way to get fit and many towns and cities have cycling tracks that lead to scenic spots. Get the whole family involved and have a day or half day outing.
  • If you are child and fancy-free, get your friends to join you in some kind of activity such as hiking, or just walking around the city.
  • Don’t have time for anything? Maybe it’s time to make time. Nobody can keep on working without some time off.
  • You can also get your housework done while exercising by adding a few squats or dance moves to that vacuuming and dusting.
  • Speaking of dancing – that is a great way to get fit. Go to dance class to learn some of the ‘real’ dances that have actual steps, not the disco style dancing, although that too, is good exercise.
  • Yoga is a great way to get fit and relax as well. You can do it at home or join a group.

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